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Metabolic Reset

Metabolic Reset by Functional Nutrition Wisconsin

28 Day Metabolic Reset

Support a healthy metabolism to feel great and lose weight, effortlessly!

Receive a 28 day healthy eating guide and clinical grade supplement recommendations to optimize hormone levels, beat cravings, and ultimately drop that stubborn weight.

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Have you ever been on a weight loss program that recommends you exercise less to lose weight and gain confidence? You don't have to suffer to be healthy! 

Chicken and Vegetable Salad


The foundation to good health always starts in the kitchen. There's no magic pill or potion that will give you lasting results without addressing diet first. Our approach focuses on realistic meal plans that optimize hormone healthy, nutrient imbalances, and gut health - so you look just as amazing as you feel!

Herbal Medicine


When used appropriately, clinical grade supplements can do wonders for your health. Our very own Registered Herbalist has put together a package to reduce inflammation, optimize digestion, and safely support weight loss. It pays to have a well researched plan in place before investing in your health!

Arm Exercises


Exercise is essential for achieving optimal health, but more activity is not always better. In fact, we have asked countless clients to cut back on exercise during the weight loss phase of our programs - and the results are astounding! We encourage exercises that boost lean muscle mass to fire up your metabolism without exhausting your body. 



The modern American lifestyle is notorious for creating a state of low grade, chronic inflammation in the body that leads to metabolic dysfunction, weight gain, and intense cravings for sugar and salt. There are simple techniques (so simple that even kids participate) to help you bring these levels down over time. 

Now you have everything you need to start your metabolism makeover from the comfort of your own home! 


The Well World mobile app and your experts at Functional Nutrition of Wisconsin make it possible. 

WELL WORLD app access

FREE - easy to use app to access recipes, track nutrition, exercise, supplements, and more! 

Metabolism Boosting Supplements

Recommended by our expert Herbalist, Rebecca, to make weight loss seem effortless.

You're Ready to Rock!

You have everything you need to get the health you crave: meal plans, recipes, and automated reminders.

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Get started with your Metabolic Reset Program today! It's as easy as signing up and getting started. For more questions about how to personalize this for YOU, simply schedule your FREE discovery call here. 

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