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How to Bounce Back After Travel

You know you're doing a good thing for yourself when you find a nutrition program that makes your body feel amazing without bogging your mind down with rules and limitations. One of the best features about any Herb & Tonic program is that it gives you a template to follow anywhere, any time. That means you can travel, visit family & friends, and still get the results you crave without any of the guilt or unwanted pounds. When travel throws you off, we've got your back to help you get into the groove with these simple tips.

1) Plan ahead: if you know you won't have time to stock up on groceries shortly after arriving home, stock the freezer and pantry ahead of time to allow yourself some flexibility. Try doubling a soup or chili recipe that you can store in the freezer and thaw upon arrival, keep frozen vegetables on hand for sides and smoothies, and stock your pantry with filling KTO bars and Vegecleanse protein powder for on the go meals. Better yet, schedule your groceries to be delivered the day you get in.

2) Hydrate: Flying can be stressful on the body (and that goes well beyond a delayed flight). Rather than reaching for the extra coffee or booze to help you cope, aim for getting in at least 3 L of water on travel days. The air coming into the airplane at higher altitudes is extremely dry which explains the common post travel skin issues, headaches, and fatigue. Make a conscious effort to drink water, tea and seltzer water to keep you looking and feeling fresh.

3) Sweat it out: this might be the last thing you want to make time for when you get home and have a to do list that pages long, however; exercise will make the rest of your day exponentially more productive. Don't allow yourself to bail by pencilling in a gym date or walk with a friend. Exercise is one of the most effective tools for managing stress, and in just 30 minutes you will feel more resilient to any challenges that come your way.

4) Start from scratch: sometimes you need to dive back in 100% to achieve your desired results, specifically if you're working on improving digestive health with an elimination protocol. Schedule a consultation with your Nutritionist to hold you accountable and get you back into the routine once again. This is a great time to monitor and evaluate symptoms that may have appeared after introducing new foods on vacation. Take this as an opportunity to learn about what works best for your body.

5) Don't forget your nutrient boosters: supplements are a small part of a daily regimen that make a huge impact, both physically and mentally for overall health. Make the foundationals (probiotics, Vitamin D, and Omega 3's) a priority as your body bounces back from crowded spaces and an altered sleep schedule. Start your morning with an easy to digest, nutrient dense smoothie like our detoxifying Vegecleanse to boost immunity and set the tone for the day.

If you have any questions about how we can support you before, during and after travel during this busy holiday season, email

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