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A Dietitian's Top Tips to Stay on Track this Holiday Season

The days are getting shorter, the social agenda is filling up, and the to-do list seems to be bursting at the seams - and it's only November 2nd! This season, I want to help as many individuals as possible stay on top of their H-game (aka health game) during the most challenging time of the year. I can't think of a better gift for my loved ones than simply showing up as my best self, and I want to inspire you to do so as well. Keep reading if you want to learn the effective strategies I use on my clients to manage stress, prioritize you, and as a bonus, I'd like to offer ALL of you the opportunity to join a 28 day clean eating challenge with me - no strings attached!

1) Set positive goals

Are you aware that the simple act of setting positive goals will allow you to reach your goals faster? Please don't ignore this step; instead, grab a piece of paper and write this shit down. Put your goals around your house as subtle reminders. Here's an example of what I mean:

Positive Goal:

A) I am going to plan ahead and grocery shop one time this week so I have healthy food available to me and my family.

B) I am going to include vegetables at two meals, everyday.

These are sustainable and realistic, while also creating a positive outcome.

Negative Goal:

I am not having any sugar or treats the whole month of December.

This is a punishment as it focuses on the removal of what is often traditional about the season, and surely these foods will be on your mind all month long.

Long term, sustainable weight maintenance is all about creating a positive mindset about all that you GET to do for your health and longevity.

2) Cut the Guilt, and Don't Overthink It

Say farewell to the perfectionist, all or nothing mentality surrounding your health. Shit happens, and it's going to continue to happen - life would be boring otherwise! If something fun comes up and you overindulge - where was my invite?! But seriously, life is all about the moments with family and friends, and that often involves food and beverages. Do you best to follow your positive goals all the other hours of the day, and when you deviate from the path, just shake it off and keep moving forward.

3) Schedule Time for Daily Movement

If this time of year is stressful for you (this may be music to your ears) you don't HAVE to work your a$$ off in the gym. In fact, too much cardio or high intensity exercise may be counterproductive to your goals. Exercise can be a stressor on the body, and if your stress is already high that may aggravate your appetite hormones and energy levels even more- making it harder to stay on track.

Instead, focus on restorative movement throughout the day. Yoga, pilates and barre are wonderful workouts that build strength without the cortisol push. Walking is also another easy and effective strategy to bring stress hormones down while improving many other health markers.

Whatever you decide, carve out time in advance to get some kind of movement in - even if it's just a few 10 minute bursts throughout the day. It all adds up!

4) Focus on all that you can add to your day to make progress with your health

I love guiding my clients to set goals that make them add to their meal plan. Here are few of my tried and true tips to promote a physiological boost that helps them stay on track - time and time again.

a) Up the fiber! Most Americans get maybe 8-12 grams/day in. That is SO low. I prefer the upper end of the goal range of 25-35 grams/day. You can use an app to track this, but I encourage you to focus on getting vegetables at 2-3 meals/day and 2-3 servings of fruit per day. This will help you achieve this goal with minimal effort.

b) Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Water is so important for you health: detoxification, metabolism, weight management, energy, you name - hydration will help! Reach this goal by adding citrus, drinking herbal teas, and adding bitters to soda water at the next social engagement.

c) Don't skimp on protein. Getting adequate protein is essential for so many functions, but I want to focus on satiety and energy this holiday season. Make it a goal to get about 1/2 your bodyweight (lbs) in (grams) of protein everyday. This will preserve lean muscle mass and set the stage for optimal will power when the treats are passed around. You can say yes to a few bites, and pass on the rest.

5) Follow a plan.

Not a strict plan, just a guideline that gives you some ideas and inspo for meals and snacks that fuel you up so you feel fabulous and show up - for yourself, your family, your job, and so forth. You don't want anything crazy or restrictive - just something that prioritizes whole foods and variety.

If you would like access to a free app that includes a meal plan, the ability to track your progress, recipes, and the works, simply click the button below to register. You will receive an invitation with instructions on how to get started shortly after!

Need a holistic and sustainable plan of action? If you’ve been wanting to step up your health through functional nutrition, get lean, feel energized, and balance hormones, we've got you.

No restrictive diets, no complexity, just real food, and real results. Ask the countless women who have succeeded through personalized, scientifically driven nutrition.

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In good health,


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