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Strawberry Brownie Cake + "Sexy Time" Recipe Guide

Many foods are rumored to have characteristics shown to enhance romance, fertility, and promote healthy reproductive organs. Some are said to increase stamina, modulate stress, and even attract your partner. While the jury is still out on whether these food’s overall effect on libido is significant or simply a placebo effect, it can’t hurt to try a romance enhancing food with your boo - especially if it's healthy and delicious! Our "sexy Time" guide was inspired by foods with properties that earned them a place in the aphrodisiac category, and if you don't notice a difference in your desire to get frisky, we can at the very least guarantee they all passed our taste testers picky palates.

A little about the ingredients in this recipe guide:

The recipes in this guide were chosen based on ingredients rumored to be aphrodisiacs, which is a food or drug that arouses an erotic instinct, induces desire, or enhances pleasure or performance. Foods may have certain vitamins, minerals, amino acids, or enzymes that lead to an aphrodisiac effect by enhancing stamina, increasing sex hormone production, or even altering brain chemicals to enhance desire. We'll let you see for yourself...

Some foods included in this plan include:

  • chocolate

  • oysters

  • avocados

  • coconut

  • strawberries

  • bananas

  • maca

  • figs

  • hot chilis

What is not going to get you in the mood?

1. Microwave Popcorn Chemicals found in the lining of microwaveable popcorn bags, PFOA, have been linked to lower sperm counts in men.

2. Dairy Products Dairy products (especially conventional dairy) from cow’s milk may have synthetic hormones that can negatively impact estrogen and testosterone levels.

If you want our full list of recipes, click the pdf file below:

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